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Outdoor lighting serves not only to illuminate spaces but also to transform them. It can be utilized to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a backyard, highlight impressive architecture, or enhance security in a smart city. The role of outdoor lighting is vital in shaping our world by improving the beauty, functionality, and safety of residential, commercial, and public areas.

Leading outdoor lighting companies in this industry play a significant role in developing, designing, and offering solutions that cater to various needs and preferences. They are not just lighting up spaces, but also creating opportunities. In this blog post, we will discuss the top outdoor lighting manufacturers in the industry.

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Different Types Of Outdoor Lighting


There are many different types of outdoor lighting for different uses:

    •  Architectural Lighting: This type of lighting focuses on enhancing the aesthetics of buildings, monuments, and landmarks.

    •  Street and Roadway Lighting: Street and roadway lighting provides safety and visibility on streets, highways, and public areas.

    •  Landscape Lighting: Enhances the beauty of gardens, pathways, and outdoor spaces.

   •  Floodlight: Floodlights are highly adaptable outdoor lights. You have the flexibility to customize the lighting according to your preferences since they come in multi-angle options. This allows you to effectively illuminate dark areas, particularly in locations where they are most essential.

    •  Stadium lights: Stadium lights are designed to provide bright and even lighting for outdoor sports venues. They help players, officials, and spectators see clearly. These lights cover the entire playing area and allow athletes to perform well. Stadium lights have powerful bulbs that last a long time, so they stay bright during night-time events. You can adjust the brightness for different events. Stadium lights are durable and can handle outdoor weather. They are also energy-efficient, so they don’t use too much power. You can control the lights to create special effects and make sporting events more exciting. Installing and maintaining stadium lights is easy. Overall, stadium lights are important for safety, visibility, and creating a fun atmosphere in sports stadiums all over the world.

   •  Commercial and Residential Lighting: Tailored for businesses and homes, ensuring the right blend of functionality and aesthetics.

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   •  Smart City Lighting: Integrates technology for energy efficiency and intelligent management of public spaces.

Advantages of Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting offers numerous advantages that contribute to the overall improvement of outdoor spaces. These advantages include:

    •  Safety: One of the primary benefits of outdoor lighting is enhanced safety. By illuminating outdoor spaces, it deters potential intruders and improves visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the well-being of individuals in the area.

    •  Aesthetics: Outdoor lighting has the power to transform the appearance of any outdoor space. It can be strategically placed to highlight architectural features, create a warm and inviting ambiance, and even showcase the natural beauty of gardens and landscapes. With the right lighting design, outdoor spaces can become visually stunning and captivating.

    •  Functionality: Outdoor lighting extends the functionality of outdoor spaces well into the evening. Whether it’s a backyard, patio, or commercial area, having well-placed lighting allows people to continue enjoying these spaces even after the sun goes down. This is particularly useful for outdoor events, gatherings, or simply for individuals who want to make the most out of their outdoor areas.

    •  Energy Efficiency: The advancements in LED technology have greatly contributed to the energy efficiency of outdoor lighting. LED lights consume less energy compared to traditional lighting options, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower electricity bills. Additionally, smart lighting controls enable users to further optimize energy usage by adjusting the lighting intensity or scheduling automatic on/off times.

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    •  Sustainability: With the growing awareness of environmental issues, many outdoor lighting manufacturers are committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly lighting solutions. These manufacturers prioritize the use of materials and manufacturing processes that have minimal impact on the environment. By choosing sustainable outdoor lighting options, individuals can contribute to the preservation of natural resources and minimize their carbon footprint.

Top 10 Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers


1. Philips Lighting (Signify)



Philips Lighting, currently known as Signify, is a leading global company that places a strong emphasis on sustainable outdoor lighting. Their cutting-edge solutions are renowned for providing uniform and extensive illumination. With their diverse range of products, they are well-suited for providing general lighting in spacious areas.

Established Year: 1891

Location: Netherlands

Main Products:

Indoor Luminaires: Downlights, Recessed Lights, Surface mounted lights, Batten lights, Highbay and lowbay lights, etc.

Outdoor Luminaires: Road and Street, Tunnel and underpass lighting, Bollards, etc.

LED Lamps And Tubes: LED Tubes, LED Bulbs, LED Spots, LED Candle, LED HID Replacement, etc.

Conventional lamps and tubes: Halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps and starters, Compact Fluorescent lamps, lncandescent lamps, etc.

LED Electronics: Linear modules, Linear drivers, LED transformers, Xtreme drivers, etc.

Lighting controls: Dynalite, lndoor accessories, lnstaller based smart sensors, Luminaire based systems, etc.

Main Features:

Key Features Global Reach Commitment to Sustainability
Balanced and Wide Illumination Presence in more than 70 countries Extensive sustainability initiatives
Sleek and Contemporary Design Innovative solutions for outdoor lighting Leading the industry in energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency Strong emphasis on sustainability Dedication to reducing carbon emissions
Adjustable Brightness Environmentally friendly outdoor lighting options Pioneering eco-conscious lighting solutions
Softened Light Products designed with sustainability in mind Striving towards a more sustainable future

2. Osram



Osram is a leading provider of advanced outdoor lighting solutions known for their innovation and energy efficiency. Their LED lights consume less electricity than traditional lighting, resulting in lower energy bills. They also offer lighting options for industries, automotive applications, and horticulture. Osram prioritizes sustainability and uses eco-friendly manufacturing processes to minimize their carbon footprint.

Established Year: 1919

Location: Germany

Main Products:

Automotive Replacement Lamps: Car lighting, Truck lighting, Motorcycle lighting, LED inspection lights, Warning and safety lights, etc.

Automotive Care &Equipment

Entertainment &lndustry Lamps: Discharge lamps, Halogen lamps, etc.

Main Features:

Key Features Cutting-Edge Lighting Energy Efficiency
Innovative outdoor lighting solutions Leader in LED technology Reducing energy consumption
Energy-efficient outdoor lighting Leading the industry in energy efficiency Energy-efficient outdoor lighting products
Sustainable and eco-friendly lighting Committed to sustainable lighting solutions Dedicated to sustainability
Smart lighting controls Environmentally friendly outdoor lighting options Pioneering energy-efficient solutions
Space-saving design Thoughtfully designed products Striving for a greener future

3. Cree Lighting



Cree Lighting is a leading global manufacturer of versatile and eco-friendly LED lights. They specialize in creating bright LEDs that can handle high voltages and extreme temperatures. With their wide range of shapes and sizes, Cree LEDs are suitable for various lighting applications, from residential to industrial. These lights are energy-efficient, emit fewer greenhouse gases, and provide instant illumination without the need for warm-up time.

Established Year: 1987

Location: USA

Main Products:

Indoor Lighting: Troffers, High-Bay / Low-Bay, Dynamic Skylight, Architectural Linear Downlights, etc.

Outdoor Lighting: Canopy & Soffit, Street & Roadway, Decorative Street & Roadway, Parking Structure, Pathway & Bollard, Flood, Wall Mount.

Residential Lighting: Downlights, Tape Lighting, etc.

Smart Lighting

Intelligent Solutions

Main Features:

Key Features Industry Leaders in LED Outdoor Lighting Focused and Directional Lighting
Advanced LED technology Leading the way in LED innovation Provides focused and directional lighting
Streetlights and area lights Offers a variety of energy-efficient outdoor lighting products Ideal for task lighting
Energy-efficient solutions Industry-leading energy efficiency Perfect for highlighting specific areas
Dimmable options Sustainable outdoor lighting choices Energy-efficient solutions
Aesthetic versatility Environmentally friendly design Adjustable for enhancing mood

4. Acuity Brands



Acuity Brands provides a wide range of led lighting options. They are known for their control systems, which are suitable for both commercial and residential use.

Established Year: 2001

Location: USA

Main Products:

lndoor Lighting: Downlights, Linear, Shop Lights, Panels, Strip Lights, Troffers, Wall Brackets, etc. Residential Lighting: Flush/Surface Mounts, Linear Accent, Pendants/Semi-Flush, Sconces, smart Home, Step Lights, Track Fixtures, etc.

Industrial Lighting: Linear High Bays, Low Bays, Strip Lights, etc.

Outdoor Lighting: Bollards, Building Mount, Floodlighting & Landscape, Garage & Canopy Underwater Lighting Controls, etc.


Main Features:

Key Features Portfolio Control Systems
Outdoor lighting product range Variety of products Modern control systems
Architectural, landscape, and roadway fixtures Suitable for different lighting needs Controls for commercial and residential use
Sustainable and energy-efficient designs Focus on energy efficiency Convenient and smart lighting controls
Dimmable options Sustainable outdoor lighting choices Customizable for different settings
Aesthetic versatility Environmentally friendly products Innovative energy-efficient solutions

5. Hubbell Lighting



Hubbell Lighting provides a variety of lighting products for different purposes, such as buildings, outdoor spaces, and roads.

Established Year: 1963

Location: USA

Main Products:

Residential Outdoor Lighting,  Commercial Outdoor Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Lighting Controls, etc.

Main Features:

Key Features Outdoor Lighting Options Lighting Solutions
Wide range of products Various lighting solutions Comprehensive solutions
Lighting fixtures for architecture, landscapes, and roadways Suitable for different lighting requirements Suitable for various needs
Energy-efficient Sustainable Eco-friendly
Dimmable options Sustainable outdoor lighting choices Innovative controls
Versatile aesthetics Environmentally friendly designs Flexible aesthetics

6. Eaton Lighting (Cooper Lighting)



Eaton Lighting, also known as Cooper Lighting, focuses on energy-efficient solutions. They are known for innovative designs for outdoor lighting.

Established Year: 1911

Location: Ireland

Main Products:

Emergency and exit

High bay, low bay and industrial

Linear Lights

Flood Lighting

Lighting controls

Main Features:

Key Features Energy-Efficient Solutions Innovative Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting solutions Leading in energy efficiency Pioneering outdoor lighting designs
Sustainable lighting options Wide range of energy-efficient products Cutting-edge lighting designs
Energy-efficient outdoor lighting Commitment to sustainability Energy-efficient outdoor lighting products
Dimmable options Sustainable design Sustainable and eco-friendly lighting
Aesthetic versatility Dimmable for mood enhancement

7. Zumtobel Group



Zumtobel Group is an Austrian company that specializes in outdoor lighting. They are well-known for their advanced outdoor architectural lighting solutions.

Established Year: 1950

Location: Austria

Main Products: Emergency luminaire, Outdoor Luminaires, Pendant Lights, High-bay Luminaires, Ceiling Lights, etc.

Main Features

Key Features Excellence from Austria Modern Architectural Lighting
Leader in outdoor lighting Rich Austrian heritage Innovative lighting solutions
Sustainable outdoor lighting options Energy-efficient lighting solutions Enhancing outdoor aesthetics
Innovative and sustainable designs Committed to sustainable lighting Customized lighting designs
Energy-efficient outdoor lighting Environmentally friendly products Tailored outdoor lighting solutions
Flexible aesthetics Working towards a greener future

8. Fagerhult Group



Fagerhult Group is a renowned international company with a strong presence in the lighting industry. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability in their lighting solutions.

Established Year: 1945

Location: Sweden

Main Products: Smart Lighting, Sensor-equipped luminaires, Outdoor Lightings, Light and health, etc.

Main Features:

Key Features Global Presence Innovative and Sustainable Solutions
Industry-leading outdoor lighting Presence in multiple countries Pioneering innovative outdoor lighting
Sustainable options for outdoor lighting Committed to sustainability Dedicated to sustainability
Energy-efficient outdoor lighting Innovative solutions for outdoor lighting Leading the way in eco-friendly lighting
Adjustable brightness options Environmentally-friendly product designs Striving for a greener future
Versatile in terms of aesthetics Adjustable brightness for mood enhancement

9. Schreder Group



Schreder Group, based in Belgium, is an outdoor lighting expert known for their contributions to smart city lighting and sustainability.

Established Year: 1907

Location: Belgium

Main Products:

Bollards, Catenary luminaires, Ceiling luminaires, Floodlights, Multi-functional luminaires, Pendant luminaires, Post-top luminaires, etc.

Main Features:

Key Features Belgian Excellence Smart City Lighting and Sustainability
Leading in outdoor lighting Expertise in outdoor lighting from Belgium Pioneering solutions for smart city lighting
Sustainable lighting options Energy-efficient lighting leadership Promoting sustainability in outdoor lighting
Innovative and sustainable designs Committed to sustainable lighting solutions Customized and innovative outdoor lighting
Energy-efficient outdoor lighting Sustainably designed products Eco-friendly outdoor lighting solutions
Aesthetic flexibility Striving for a greener future

10. CST Lighting


CST LED lighting Supplier

CST Lighting is a leading LED lighting supplier that specializes in indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. The company was established in 2011, they are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, innovative, and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for interior and exterior lighting and engineering projects. With a decade of experience in the industry, they have developed a comprehensive understanding of the market and are committed to finding the best solutions for customers. Their experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best customer service, tailored to the individual needs of each customer.

Established Year: 2011

Location: China

Main Products:

  • Indoor Lighting: LED Strip Light, LED Neon Flex, LED Linear Light, LED Panel Light, LED Downlight, LED Highbay Light.
  • Outdoor Lighting: LED Flood Light, LED Street Light, LED Inground Light, LED Underwater Light, LED Stadium Light, LED Architecture Spotlight, LED Garden Light, etc.
  • Custom Lighting: Develop custom lighting solutions based on customer’s needs.



In conclusion, the top 10 outdoor lighting companies in the world are leading the way in creating innovative, sustainable, and energy-efficient lighting solutions. From Philips Lighting’s even and widespread illumination to Zumtobel Group’s cutting-edge designs, these companies are shaping outdoor lighting worldwide. Whether you’re interested in aesthetics, energy efficiency, or both, these companies have what you need. As outdoor lighting keeps advancing, these leaders are showing us the way, making our world brighter and more sustainable.

Discover these leading outdoor lighting manufacturers to find the ideal lighting options that suit your unique requirements and personal taste.

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