2835 Strip LED Lighting Manufacturer

 CST is a leading manufacturer of 2835 strip LED lighting solutions. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, we specialize in producing high-performance LED strips utilizing 2835 LED chips. Our products feature a wide range of options, including different LED densities, color temperatures, voltage requirements, and efficiency levels. We prioritize brightness, energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability in our 2835 strip LED lighting solutions. Our dedicated team of experts ensures that each product meets stringent quality standards and customer requirements. With CST, you can expect reliable and versatile lighting solutions for various applications, backed by exceptional customer service and support.

2835 Strip LED Lighting Series

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2835 Full Spectrum Strip Light Series

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2835 High Lumen Strip Light Series

2835 mini cut led strip

2835 Mini Cut Strip Light Series

smd3528 240leds rgb led light strips

2835 Wide FPCB Strip Light Series

3528 60leds strip light

2835 Ulta-long Strip Light Series

2835 Strip LED Lighting Series Difference

Full Spectrum Series

This series of LED strip lights is designed to provide a wide range of colors, including red, green, blue, and white, allowing for versatile and vibrant lighting options.The full spectrum capability enables the creation of dynamic and customizable lighting effects, suitable for various applications such as decorative lighting, stage lighting, and architectural lighting.

High Lumen Series

The high lumen series of LED strip lights features LEDs with high brightness output, ensuring excellent illumination in a wide range of environments.These LED strips are ideal for applications that require bright and well-lit spaces, such as task lighting, retail displays, and signage.

Mini Cut Series

This series of LED strip lights is designed to allow cutting at every individual LED, providing flexibility in creating customized lengths and adapting to specific lighting requirements. The ability to cut the strip at each LED enables precise customization and easy installation in areas with varying dimensions.

Wide FPCB Series

LED strip lights in the wide PCB board series feature a wider printed circuit board (PCB), which enhances heat dissipation and allows for better thermal management.The wider PCB design ensures improved durability and stability, making these LED strips suitable for applications where heat dissipation is crucial, such as high-intensity lighting installations.

Ultra Long Series

The ultra-long series of LED strip lights offers extended length options, allowing for seamless and continuous lighting installations.
These LED strips are ideal for projects that require long linear lighting solutions, such as accent lighting in large spaces, architectural outlines, or commercial signage

2835 Strip LED Lighting Technical Parameters

Full Spectrum Series

SMDLEDs/mFPCB Width/mmMini CutPower/mVoltage (V)CRICCT/Color (K)Lumen/M

High Lumen Series (200-220lm/W)

SMDLEDs/mFPCB Width/mmMini CutPower/mVoltage(V)CRICCT/Color (K)Lumen/m

Mini Cut Series ( 1leds/cut)

SMD LEDs/M FPCB Width/mm Mini Cut Power/m Voltage (V) CRI CCT/Color (K) Lumen/M
2835 120 5 1/8.3mm


19/23/27/30/35/40/50/60 860
2835 120 8 1/8.3mm 12/24V 19/23/27/30/35/40/50/60 1170
2835 120 10 1/8.3mm 9.6W 12/24V 19/23/27/30/35/40/50/60 1170
2835 168 10 1/6mm 14.4W 12V/24V 19/23/27/30/35/40/50/60 1720
2835 168 10 2/11.9mm 17.2W 24 19/23/27/30/35/40/50/60 2050

Wide FPCB Series

SMDLEDs/MFPCB Width/mmMini CutPower/MVoltage (V)CRICCT/Color (K)Lumen/M



Ultra-long Series (No Drop)

SMDPower/MFPCB Width/mmMini CutPower/MVoltage(V)CRICCT/Color (K)Lumen/MLength/Roll

SMD2835 Strip LED Lighting Features

Compact Size

The 2835 LED strip series features a compact and slim design, making it easy to install in narrow spaces or areas where space is limited. This compact size allows for flexible installation options and seamless integration into different lighting designs.

Cuttable and Flexible

The 2835 LED strip series is typically cuttable at designated intervals, allowing for customization of the strip length to fit specific requirements. This flexibility enables easy adaptation to various installation spaces and designs.

Even Light Distribution

The 3528 LED strip operates at low temperatures, reducing the risk of heat-related damage to surrounding objects and making it safer for use in sensitive environments.

Versatile Lighting Options

The 2835 LED strip series offers versatility in lighting options. It is available in various color temperatures, including warm white, cool white, and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color-changing options. This versatility allows for different lighting effects and the ability to create various atmospheres or moods.

Dimmable Options

Many variants of the 2835 LED strip series are compatible with dimmers, enabling adjustable brightness levels according to specific lighting requirements. This dimming capability provides flexibility in creating different lighting atmospheres and conserving energy when full brightness is not needed.

Wide Range of Applications

The 2835 LED strip series finds applications in various settings, including residential, commercial, and architectural lighting. It is commonly used for accent lighting, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, signage, display lighting, and decorative purposes.

Different Strip LED Lighting Compare

LED typeLED Quantity per meterCCTCRILumen per LEDWorking voltage Power per meterPCB widthIP ratingPackage
SMD 3528  led strip602700-7000K/RGB80/90/957-8lm

DC 12 24V

4.8W8mmIP20/ IP65/ IP67/ IP685m a roll
12080/ 90/ 957-8lm9.6W8mm
24080/ 90/ 957-8lm19.2W10mm
SMD 5050 led strip302700-7000K/RGB80/ 90/ 9520-22lmDC 12 24V7.2W10mmIP20/ IP65/ IP67/ IP685m a roll
6080 /90 /9520-22lm14.4W10mm

SMD 3014 led strip



80 /90 /95


DC 12 24V


IP20 /IP65/ IP67/ IP68

5m a roll


SMD 2835 led strip



80/ 90/ 95


DC 12 24V


IP20 IP65 IP67 IP68

5m a roll

SMD 2835 led strip 160lm/W642700-7000K/RGB80 /90/ 9524-26lmDC 24V9.6W10mmIP20/ IP65/ IP67 /IP685m a roll

SMD 5630 led strip



80 /90/ 95


DC 24V



IP20/ IP65/ IP67/ IP68

5m a roll

different types of led strip lights compare

Why Choose our 2835 Strip LED Lighting

3528 strip pure gold wire

LEDs with 99.99% gold wire

Our LEDs are packaged with high-quality materials, specifically 99.99% Gold Wire, which provides exceptional performance and reliability. 

sdcm strip led lighting

3 Step SDCM

We offer a standard of SDCM≤5 and SDCM ≤3 can be made available upon request.

led strip cri

CRI 80/90/95

We provide a comprehensive selection of strip lights crafted to meet various application requirements, featuring a range of excellent color rendering index (CRI) options of 80, 90, and 95.

LED Strip heat resistant pcb

Heat-resistant Unique Design

Our special heat-resistant PCB layout features a copper layer ranging from 2oz to 5oz, ensuring lower voltage drop and excellent heat dissipation.

wide white color

Wide White Color

Wide white color temperature options are available, ranging from 1800K to 11000K.

led strip light 3m tape

Excellent 3M Tape

We use 3M tape with 200MP, 300LSE, and VHB to ensure its stickiness.

strip led lighting waterproof type

CST Lighting  offers both indoor and outdoor LED strip lights to meet different environment requirements.

IP20: Non-waterproof for indoor use.
IP65: Silicone gel coating, preventing multi-directional and low-pressure water jets for damp and moist areas use.
IP67: Silicone hollow tube covered, protected from water immersion between 5.9 inches and 39.37 inches within 30 minutes for indoor and outdoor use.
IP68: Silicone tube + silicone glue filling, is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions for indoor, outdoor and underwater use.

2835 Strip LED Lighting Packing

smd3528 120leds led ribbon.jpg


5m strip led lighting in one roll.

led strip packing in pe bag

LED Strip Light in PE bag

one roll strip light in one PE bag with sticker

led strip packing 100rolls

100 Rolls per box

100 rolls led strip light in one box.

Strip LED Lighting Power and Control System

strip led lightng power and control system

At CST Lighting, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services to meet all your lighting needs. Our one-stop service includes LED strip lights, LED power supply, LED controllers, LED connectors, and aluminum profiles. This not only helps you save time and effort on shopping, but also reduces communication costs.

2 pin led strip connector waterproof

Waterproof LED Strip Connector

2pin single color led strip connector

2pin single color connector

rgb led strip connector 4p8mm 10mm

RGB LED Strip Connector

2pin led strips connector single color

2pin dual end connector

Strip LED Lighting Installation

Single Color LED Strip

single color led strip installation


rgb rgbw color led strip installation

Multi Options for Customized Service

multi led strip options for customized service

FAQ About 2835 Strip LED Lighting

“2835” refers to the LED chip size used in the strip light. It represents the dimensions of the LED chip in millimeters, with the numbers “28” representing the length (2.8mm) and “35” representing the width (3.5mm) of the LED chip.

Yes, 2835 LED strip lights are often designed to be cuttable at designated intervals, allowing for customization of the strip length according to specific requirements. We also have mini cut one leds per cut series for different application purpose.

The lifespan of a 2835 LED strip light can vary depending on factors such as usage, operating conditions, and product quality. On average, a well-maintained 2835 LED strip light can last for approximately 30,000 to 50,000 hours or more.

For standard led strip MOQ is 100-200m. For customized strip light MOQ is based on the parameter requirements.

The number of LEDs per meter in a 2835 LED strip light can vary depending on the specific product and the desired level of brightness. Typically, we have 60/120/240/360 LEDs per meter in a 2835 LED strip light.

Many variants of 2835 LED strip lights are compatible with dimmers, allowing you to adjust the brightness levels. However, it depends on the specific product and whether it is designed to work with a compatible LED dimmer. Always check the product specifications or consult us to determine if the particular strip light is dimmable.

2835 LED strip lights are versatile and find applications in various settings. They are commonly used for accent lighting, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, signage, display lighting, and decorative purposes in residential, commercial, and architectural projects.

Yes, we can help you design your own package.

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