3528 LED Strips Light Manufacturer

CST is your trusted manufacturer and supplier of Premium flexible LED strip lights and ribbon tape lights based in China. our SMD3528 led strip light series adopt top SMD3528 led chip, high brightness, wide beam angle, low decay. Self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for safe and easy application. The LED tape light can be cut every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks, very suitable for easy DIY.

SMD3528 LED Strips Series

3528 60leds strip light

3528 LED Strip 60leds/m

smd3528 120leds led ribbon.jpg

3528 LED Strip 120leds/m

3528 240leds single row led strips

3528 LED Strip 240leds/m
Singe Row

smd3528 240leds rgb led light strips

3528 LED Strip 240leds/m
Double Rows

3528 360leds triple rows led strips

3528 LED Strip 360leds/m
Triple Rows

3528 480leds quad rows led strip light

3528 LED Strip 480leds/m
Quad Rows

SMD3528 LED Strips Light Technical Parameters

Item No.SMDPCB WidthPower/mLEDs/mLumen/mVoltageAngle 
CST-FR3528-60Epistar 35288mm4.8W60420-480lmDC12V/24V120°
CST-FR3528-120Epistar 35288mm9.6W120840-960lmDC12V/24V120°
CST-FR3528-240SEpistar 352810mm19.2W2401680-1920lmDC12V/24V120°
CST-FR3528-240DEpistar 352815mm19.2W2401680-1920lmDC12V/24V120°
CST-FR3528-360Epistar 352820mm28.8W3602520-2880lmDC12V/24V120°
CST-FR3528-480Epistar 352828mm38.4W4803360-3840lmDC12V/24V120°

SMD3528 LED Strips Light Features

Compact Size

The 3528 LED strip is compact and has a small form factor, making it versatile and suitable for installations in tight spaces or areas with limited room for lighting fixtures.

Flexible and Bendable

The 3528 LED strip is flexible, allowing it to conform to curved or irregular surfaces. This flexibility opens up possibilities for unique lighting designs, such as accentuating architectural features or creating decorative patterns.

Low Heat Generation

The 3528 LED strip operates at low temperatures, reducing the risk of heat-related damage to surrounding objects and making it safer for use in sensitive environments.

Dimmable Options

The 3528 LED strip are compatible with dimmers, allowing for adjustable brightness levels. This feature provides flexibility in creating different lighting atmospheres and enables energy savings by reducing light output when full brightness is not required.

Waterproof Options

The 3528 LED strip is available in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions. Waterproof variants have a protective coating or encapsulation, making them suitable for outdoor or damp environments where resistance to moisture is necessary.

Wide Applications

Due to its versatility, the 3528 LED strip finds applications in various settings, including residential, commercial, and architectural lighting. It is commonly used for accent lighting, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, signage, display lighting, and decorative purposes.

3528 60leds/m LED Strips Drawing

fr3528 60 led strips drawings

3528 120leds/m LED Strips Drawing

drawings fr3528 120 led strips drawing

3528 LED Strips Connection Diagram

3528 led strips connection diagram

3528 LED Strips Waterproof Types

LED STRIP ip65 size
ip66 LED strips
ip67 led strips size
ip68 led strips

LED Strips Light Accessories

2 pin led strip connector waterproof

Waterproof LED Strip Connector

2pin single color led strip connector

2pin single color connector

rgb led strip connector 4p8mm 10mm

RGB LED Strip Connector

2pin led strips connector single color

2pin dual end connector

led strip connector waterproof.png

Waterproof LED Strip Connector

4pin male female connector

4pin male female connector

dc male to female connector

LED Strip male female DC Connector

led strip light mounting clips

LED Strip Mounting Clips

FAQ about SMD3528 LED Strips

What Does "3528" Refer to in a 3528 LED Strip?

In the context of LED strips, the term “3528” refers to the LED package size used in the strip. It is a numerical code that denotes the dimensions of the individual light-emitting diodes (LEDs) embedded in the strip. Specifically, the numbers “3528” represent the dimensions of each LED chip in millimeters.

To break it down further, the first two digits “35” indicate the LED’s length, and the last two digits “28” represent the LED’s width. Therefore, a 3528 LED chip measures 3.5mm in length and 2.8mm in width.

LED package sizes are standardized to ensure compatibility and ease of use across different LED products. The 3528 package size is commonly found in LED light strips due to its compact form factor and versatility. These LEDs are small but still capable of producing sufficient brightness for many applications.

It’s important to note that the package size, such as 3528, does not provide information about the specific characteristics of the LED, such as color or brightness. It solely indicates the physical dimensions of the LED package.

The 3528 LED package size is widely used in various lighting applications, including architectural lighting, accent lighting, signage, and decorative purposes. Due to its compact size, it allows for flexible placement in tight spaces and intricate designs.

When purchasing a 3528 LED strip, it’s essential to consider other specifications such as color, brightness, voltage requirements, and waterproofing (if needed). These additional factors will help determine if the specific 3528 LED strip meets your desired lighting requirements.

In summary, “3528” is a numerical code used to represent the size of the LED package in a 3528 LED strip. It indicates that each LED chip measures 3.5mm in length and 2.8mm in width. Understanding the package size is crucial for selecting the appropriate LED strip for your specific lighting needs.

3528 smd led strip

What are the color options available for 3528 LED strips?

3528 LED strips are available in various color options, including single colors such as white, warm white, red, green, blue, and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) for color-changing effects.

How do I install a 3528 LED strip on different surfaces?

led strip installation prepare


Measure the length of the surface where you intend to install the LED strip. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove any dust, dirt, or grease that could affect adhesion.

led stripcut

Unroll and Cut

Unroll the 3528 LED strip to the desired length. Cut the strip at the designated cut points, typically marked by copper pads or scissors icons.

led strip power connect

Power Connection

Determine the power source location and plan the routing of the LED strip accordingly. Connect the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of the LED strip to the corresponding terminals on a suitable power supply or LED driver.

led strip peel off

Adhesive Backing

Most 3528 LED strips come with an adhesive backing. Remove the protective cover from the adhesive side of the strip, exposing the sticky surface.

led strip placement


Carefully position the LED strip on the clean surface, ensuring it aligns with your desired installation location. Press down firmly along the entire length of the strip to ensure proper adhesion. Apply even pressure to secure the strip in place.

led strip install testing


Once the installation is complete, connect the power supply and test the LED strip to ensure it functions properly. If any issues arise, double-check the connections and troubleshooting steps.

Can I use a 3528 LED strip outdoors?

Yes, you can use a 3528 LED strip outdoors, but it’s essential to choose a waterproof variant specifically designed for outdoor applications. Waterproof 3528 LED strips have a protective coating or encapsulation that shields the components from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. This coating ensures the longevity and durability of the LED strip when exposed to outdoor conditions. However, it’s important to note that while waterproof 3528 LED strips are suitable for outdoor use, they should be installed in areas where they are not directly exposed to constant water submersion. Additionally, proper installation techniques, such as securely attaching the strip and protecting electrical connections, should be followed to maintain the integrity of the LED strip in outdoor environments.

led neon rope light project

What are the common applications for 3528 LED light strips?

Common applications for 3528 LED light strips include accent lighting, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, signage, display lighting, and various decorative and architectural lighting projects.

Can I control the brightness and color of a 3528 LED strip?

Yes, you can control the brightness and color of a 3528 LED strip using compatible LED controllers or dimmers designed for color-changing LED strips. These controllers offer options to adjust brightness levels and select different colors or color-changing modes.

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