Custom Lighting Solutions

As a custom lighting manufacturer in China, Our professional team can work with you to develop a custom lighting solutions that perfectly fits your needs. We can help you choose the right type of LED lighting, wattage and brightness, and even design custom luminaires that blend seamlessly with your architecture and design.

Custom lighting manufacturing solutions

LED lighting projects can be a difficult task, and with so many new products are full of the market everyday it can not be easy to select a lighting solution that works best for your application. At CST our project department team can guide you every step of the way to deliver a customized, comprehensive, and durable LED lighting solution.

What you can expect from our OEM lighting solutions?

We spend much time on selecting good raw materias suppliers in past years and already have good relationships with them that can customize any parts in your custom lighting design fixtures.

Our customized parts including but not limited to:

  • Brand of LED chips
  • Driver requirements
  • Aluminum
  • Extrusions for lighting
  • PCB Board
  • LED light angle
  • Color temperature
  • Custom wiring harness
  • Exterior color
  • Indoor or outdoor rating
  • Private label and package
  • And more

Custom Lighting Solutions Steps

Consultation and Concept Development

The process typically begins with a consultation between the client and our sales team or designer. During this phase, we discuss their lighting needs, preferences, and objectives for the custom lighting solutions. We will gather information about the space, desired aesthetics, functional requirements, and any specific design elements or constraints.


Lighting Design and Conceptualization

Based on the consultation, we will creat conceptual designs and lighting plans that align with the client’s requirements and vision.
This stage may involve using specialized lighting design software, 3D modeling, or rendering tools to visualize and refine the proposed lighting solution.

Material Selection and Prototyping

Once the design concept is approved, we will select the appropriate materials, components, and light sources to bring the custom lighting solutions to life. Prototypes or mock-ups may be created to validate the design, test functionality, and ensure the desired lighting effects and performance are achieved.

led strip raw materials checking
led strip final check

Engineering and Technical Specifications

we will translate the design concept into detailed engineering and technical specifications. This includes electrical wiring diagrams, component specifications, mounting requirements, and any necessary certifications or compliance with safety standards.

Manufacturing and Production

With the technical specifications finalized, the custom lighting design moves into the manufacturing phase.
Skilled craftsmen, technicians, or engineers fabricate and assemble the lighting fixtures, incorporating the selected materials, components, and light sources.
Quality control measures are implemented throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the finished products meet the desired standards.

led strip light soldering joint inspection
led strip power connect

Testing and Validation

The manufactured custom lighting undergoes rigorous testing to verify its functionality, performance, and durability. This testing phase include electrical testing, photometric measurements, thermal testing, and adherence to safety regulations. Meanwhile, we will work closely with the client to ensure their satisfaction and address any final adjustments or modifications needed.

Want to Custom Lighting Solutions?

Some of the Custom Lighting Manufacturing Solutions We Have Provided

Underground Mining LED Strip Lighting Solutions

Customized underground mining LED strip is designed for durability and ruggedness, as the lights need to withstand harsh mining environments that can be dusty, wet, hot, and subject to vibration and shock. In addition, the lights need to provide adequate illumination for safety and productivity while consuming minimal energy and being easy to install and maintain.


Super Safe
Easy Installation
led downlight kit solution

LED Downlight Kit Solutions

LED downlight kits are designed that 2-5 single downlights can share one driver, and they come with long installation cables. This saves installation time and minimizes cable layout requirements. They are also easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and come in various styles and color temperatures to suit different design preferences.


Reduce cable layout
Save time
Easy Installation
Low Maintainace

LED Grow Light Solutions

This grow light is designed with built-in system that supports the plant’s entire life cycle from seed germination to flowering. Equipped with full-spectrum LED lights, this light provides the perfect light conditions for plants to grow and thrive. Adjustable light settings ensure plants get just the right amount of light for each growth stage, while a timer function makes it easy to automate lighting schedule.

led grow light solution


led neon tube solution

LED Neon Rope Light Solutions

This customized LED Neon Rope Lights are designed to integrate with their home furniture decoration. With customizable sizes, colors, power, lengths and power supply, it can create a unique play of light and shadow on furniture, enhancing the overall ambiance and decorative effect of a space, making a cohesive lighting effect.

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