Recessed Panel Light

This slim panel light is designed to fit in tight spaces with ease, making it the perfect choice for areas where space is an issue. Ideal for commercial or residential lighting, the Super Slim Recessed Panel Light produces a bright, even illumination that covers a large area.

Whether you’re a distributor, wholesaler, or electrical contractor, add the Super Slim Recessed LED Panel Light to your arsenal for quality lighting solutions. With its reliable performance and stylish design, it’s the perfect choice for all your lighting needs.

Different Types of Recessed Panel Light

Round Recessed Panel Light

ModelSize(mm)Hole Size(mm)LEDs QTY(PCS)

Square Recessed Panel Light

ModelSize(mm)Hole Size(mm)LEDs QTY(PCS)Power(W)lumen

Recessed Panel Light Features

2835 leds

High Lumen 2835 LEDs

The high lumen 2835 leds are evenly distributed around, and the light is more uniform through the reflection of the light guide plate

ultra thin lamp body

Ultra-thin Lamp Body

The lamp is thin and stylish, designed to take up as little space as possible to save more room in your home or office.

high transmission cover

High Transmission Cover

Highlight transmission plastic cover with soft and natural light that does not dazzle.

integrated design

lntegrated Design

This recessed panel light has a special cooling system that helps it dissipate heat more efficiency.

leak proof lamp body

Leak-proof Lamp Body

The lamp body is leak-proof and work for a long time. This makes sure that the lamp can be used safely in any environment.

constant current driver

Constant Current Driver

Constant current driver ensures that the light does not fluctuate in brightness or color temperature, providing a stable and comfortable lighting.

custom panel light

Back Cover Can be Customized

We provide different back cover shell color for customization.

Ready to Custom Your Panel Light?

Three color temperatures are free for option

Different color temperatures make people feel different and create different atmospheres.

led panel light colors

Cool White (6000-6500K)

Bright and refreshing

Neutral White (4000-4500K)

Natural and comfort

Warm White (2700-3500K)

Warm and romantic

led panel light different colors

Different Applications

recessed panel light for corridor


12W best for 8-15 square meter

recessed panel light for living room

Living Room

15W best to 10-18 square meter

recessed panel light for shopping mall

Shopping Mall

24W best for 20-45 square meter

Installation Notes

installation recessed panel light

Round Panel Light VS Square Panel Light

FactorRound Panel Lights Square Panel Lights
Light DistributionLight spreads evenly in 360 directions to avoid shadows.Directional 90 degree pattern can create visible beam edges
Aesthetics simple and traditional appearance that fits well with its surroundings.Contemporary, geometric design makes statement
InstallationRequire centered round cutoutsOffer flexible placement, can align to architecture
CostLower initial purchase priceHigher cost due to more specialized production
SizesRange from 75 to 320mm diameterTypically 75 to 600mm square

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