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LED street lights are widely used to illuminate streets, roads, parking lots, parks, and other outdoor areas. They can provide better visibility, safety, and durability than traditional lighting sources. As a leading LED street light manufacturer, we know that streets light are crucial for ensuring safety and security in cities and towns. That’s why we focus on providing high-quality, energy-efficient LED road lights that are durable and long-lasting. Our LED street lights use the latest technology to provide bright and reliable illumination, making streets safer and more accessible for pedestrians and drivers alike. We understand that every city and town has different needs, which is why we offer a wide range of LED street lights to suit a variety of applications. Whether you need LED street lights for residential, commercial, or other outdoor lighting, we have the perfect street lighting solutions for you.

Featured Street Light Fixture

S Series LED Street Light

S1 Series LED Street Light

M Series LED Street Light

M Series LED Street Light

06 Series LED Street Light

The 06 series LED street light has a slim and modular design and is rated IP66 waterproof, IK08 impact-resistant, and includes 4KV/10KV surge protection. It has a high lumen output of 130lm/w and is built with top-quality LED components and drivers. The silicone seals and waterproof connections protect the light from dust and moisture. The extruded aluminum housing and radiator fins serve as a heat sink, allowing for the rapid dissipation of heat and extending the life of the circuits. This street light comes with a standard 150°x80° beam angle and an easy-to-install bracket for adjusting the mounting angle.

09 Series All In One Street Light

09 series LED street light fixture designed to provide up to 150 lumens per watt and save up to 85% energy compared to traditional lights. This street light features an IP65 protection class and a durable silicone rubber sealing gasket that enhances its waterproofing performance. It also includes whole fixture structure cooling technology, a highly transparent tempered lens, and alternative pole installation sizes of Dia 60mm and Dia 40mm. With two different sizes of arm holders and a street light adapter that is adjustable up to 120°. This outdoor LED street light fixture is the ideal solution for professional and decorative lighting in residential and public spaces.

K Series LED Street Light

This street light LED luminaire is designed to provide efficient and reliable lighting solutions for a variety of applications. It features a high-pressure die-cast aluminum housing with a ribbon-free top surface, which prevents dust and water from accumulating on it. The electrical disconnector automatically cuts off the power supply when opening the luminaire, ensuring safety during maintenance. The street light adapter can be post-top or side-entry mounted with a +15° or -15° tilt, making it versatile for different lighting needs. The plug-and-play terminal and tool-free electrical gear tray make maintenance easy, while the 10KV/20KV SPD and tool-free opening for the gear compartment provide added convenience. The optional features include 0-10V, Dali, PWM signal, timing, and dimmable function.

Solar Street Light

Solar LED street lights are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient lighting solutions that are perfect for outdoor areas such as plazas, parks, gardens, and walkways. They feature polycrystalline solar panels that convert solar energy into electricity, allowing for sustainable lighting even after three rainy days. With human body sensing technology and microwave sensors, these lights are able to detect motion and adjust the brightness accordingly, making them even more energy-efficient. The ABS housing is high hardness, sealed, and waterproof making them durable and maintenance-free. The lights are easy to install and have a rustproof, waterproof aluminum heavy-duty casing. With their fast charging and good light absorption capabilities, these solar street lights are a reliable and cost-effective solution for outdoor lighting needs. 

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