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At CST, our goal is to provide top-of-the-line LED linear lighting solutions with a commitment to quality. We have been designing and developing linear light fixtures for many years and strive to continuously improve our products with features such as UGR<19, 100lm/W, 120lm/W, up and down lighting, and DALI or 0-10v dimmable systems. Our linear lights are versatile and can be installed as surface-mounted, recessed, suspended, or wall-mounted. Our team provides consultation services to assess your lighting needs and budget so that we can tailor our solutions to your specific requirements.

Featured LED Linear Types for you

C40 Series Linear LED Light

C40 series linear light fixture is an upgrade from traditional flood lighting. With its minimalist design, it can be freely combined and has an optional beam angle of optical lens. It is designed for spotlighting and eliminates glaring with a UGR<19. This light fixture provides an outstanding combination of light and is suitable for places with high requirements for lighting. like lorary,shopping mall,hotel, museum,gallery,experience center , commercial building etc.

C50 Series LED Linear Lamp

C50 series LED linear lamps rely on the simple line lamp. They construct various fashionably simple shapes and light effects through creative design and free segmentation of space, highlighting the extreme aesthetic feeling of linear lighting. Various installation methods, such as suspending, ceiling, recessed, and wall-mounted, are supported for different applications such as residential space, office lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and other environments.

C75 Series LED Linear Light Solutions

C75 series linear light is an upgrade from the old flood lighting design. It provides a larger luminous surface and higher lumens. The design is intended to deliver healthier flood lighting without flickering. Optional mounting solutions are available, including recessed, suspended, and surface mount, to match different lighting demands. This Series LED linear lighting are compatible with state-of-the-art control technology to light up healthier environments for homes, offices, and commercial areas such as clothing stores, museums, galleries, and shopping malls, etc.

CQ Series LED Linear Light

CQ series linear led light fixture is exclusively designed for designers and architects with imagination and personal style. It is more exquisite than regular T8 LED tubes and offers easy installation and maintenance. Customized dimensions are also available. They are widely used in office,shops, living room, metro stations and commercial building.

L20 Series LED Linear Light

L20 Series LED Linear Light, originally from the linear light aluminum profile, has a much smaller size, but adds more functions like PIR sensor, hand touch sensor, brightness dimming, etc., which makes it much smarter and more humanized. It is widely accepted in indoor areas like kitchens, up/down stairs, walls, desks, cabinets, drawers,
even walls, it can be also regarded as home smart lighting or decorative lightings.

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