5050 LED Light Strip Manufacturer

CST is one of 5050 LED light strip manufacturer, specializing in producing high-quality lighting solutions. Our 5050 LED light strip use high brightness leds with 18-20lm or 27-30lm, it can satisfy customers seeking a high brightness of the lighting and brilliant color effects. We provide a wide range of options, including single color, RGB color-changing, and addressable LED strips. As a leading 5050 LED light strip manufacturer, we strive to deliver superior quality and performance for various lighting applications.

5050 LED Light Strip Series

5050 led light strip 30leds

5050 LED Light Strip 30leds/m

SMD 5050 strip light

5050 LED Light Strip 60leds/m

5050 120leds led light strip

5050 LED Light Strip 120leds/m

5050 Addressable LED Light Strip Series

DMX512 RGBW LED strip lights offer endless color mixing possibilities by combining red, green, and blue colors. Each pixel and channel can be individually controlled, allowing for a wide variety of color effects. These lights are compatible with the DMX512(1990) protocol and use an RS485 signal trunk with differential transmission mode, providing strong anti-interference ability and a longer transmission distance. The lights also feature automatic addressing with an editor for added convenience.

addressable 5050 rgb led light strip

5050 LED Light Strip Technical Parameters

Item No.SMDPCB WidthPower/mLEDs/mLumen/mVoltageAngle 

5050 LED Light Strip Features

Larger Size

The 5050 LED chip size is 5.0mm x 5.0mm, which is larger than other popular chip sizes like 3528 or 2835. The larger size allows for more powerful and intense light emission, resulting in a brighter and more vibrant lighting effect.

Higher LED Density

5050 LED light strips typically have a higher LED density compared to other types of LED strips. This means that there are more LEDs per meter of the strip, resulting in a more uniform and continuous lighting effect without visible gaps between the LEDs.

Wide Beam Angle

5050 LED light strips typically have a wide beam angle, allowing for a broader spread of light. This wide beam angle ensures better illumination coverage, making them suitable for applications where even lighting distribution is desired.

High Brightness

5050 LED chips are larger and more powerful compared to other common LED chip sizes. As a result, 5050 LED light strips are known for their high brightness output, providing excellent illumination for both functional and decorative purposes.

Versatile Applications

Due to their high brightness and color options, 5050 LED light strips find applications in a wide range of settings. They are commonly used for accent lighting, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, signage, display lighting, architectural lighting, and various decorative purposes.

Easy Installation

5050 LED light strips often come with a self-adhesive backing, making installation quick and hassle-free. The adhesive allows for easy attachment to various surfaces without the need for additional mounting hardware.

5050 30leds/m LED Light Strip Drawing

5050 30leds strip light drawing

5050 60leds/m LED Light Strip Drawing

5050 60leds strip light drawing

5050 120leds/m LED Light Strip Drawing

5050 120leds strip light drawing

Connection Diagram

3528 led strips connection diagram

Why Choose our 5050 LED Light Strip

3528 strip pure gold wire

LEDs and Resistors

Our LEDs are packaged with high-quality materials, specifically 99.99% Gold Wire, which provides exceptional performance and reliability. The RALEC chip resistor protects optoelectronic components by precisely controlling electrical current. It is lead-free, halogen-free, and available with F(+1%) or F(士5%) accuracy.

sdcm strip led lighting

Precise control CCT tolerance

Color temperature tolerance is ±100K by MacAdam 5 step and ±50K by MacAdam 3 step.
We only use the same bin for each color temperature range under the precise test by integrating sphere.which ensures the same lighting color for different deliery batches without chromatic aberration.

LED Strip heat resistant pcb

Double Layer Copper PCB

FPC consists of double-layer oxygen-free copper flexible PCB that is 2oz, 3oz, or 4oz thick. This material is known for its outstanding electrical conductivity and heat dissipation capabilities.

led strip cri

High CRI

Having a high Color Rendering Index (CRl) is important because it allows lighting sources to accurately reproduce the colors of various objects, as compared to natural light sources such as the sun.

led strip light 3m tape

3M Tape

We offer a range of 3M double-sided adhesive tapes with high strength, permanent bonding and thermal conductivity, including options such as 9495LE/30OLSE, GTM720, GTM725, 55280, and VHB 5952.

silicon tube 5050 led strip

Silicon Tube

We use high-quality silicone tubing and silicone gel in our waterproofing process, ensuring both exceptional transparency and resistance to yellowing with age.

Different LEDs Parameters Compare

different leds

LED Type



Emitting Color

Luminous Flux



Beam Angle




CRI80: 7-8lm
CR90: 6-7lm
CRI95: 6-7lm

80/90/95 Ra




CRI80: 22-24lm
CR90: 18-20lm
CRI95: 16-18lm
SMD5050RGB5.0*5.0*1.6mmRGB 3 in 1/3.0-3.2V60mA
SMD5050RGBW5.0*5.0*1.6mmRGBW 4 in 1/3.0-3.2V80mA
SMD5050RGBWW5.0*5.0*1.6mmRGBWW 5 in 1/3.0-3.2V100mA



CRI80: 22-24lm
CR90: 18-20lm
CRI95: 16-18lm



CRI80: 10-13lm
CR90: 9-12lm
CRI95: 9-10lm




CRI80: 55-60lm
CR90: 50-55lm
CRI95: 50-52lm




CRI80: 7-9lm
CR90: 7-8lm
CRI95: 6-7lm


What does "5050" refer to in a 5050 LED light strip?

“5050” refers to the LED chip size used in the strip light. It represents the dimensions of the LED chip in millimeters, with the numbers “50” representing the length (5.0mm) and width (5.0mm) of the LED chip.

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