3014 LED Strip Lighting Manufacturer

CST is one of 3014 LED Strip Lighting supplier in China. Our 3014 led strip lighting adopt epistar chip, 10mm width PCB, DC12V  and 24V. Whether you need accent lighting, mood lighting, or commercial lighting solutions, we can provide customized LED strip lighting to suit your needs. As an experienced LED strip supplier, we deliver exceptional products, rapid sample production, and attentive customer service.

3014 LED Strip Lighting Series

smd3014 led ribbon lights.jpg

3014 LED Strip 60leds/m

3014 120leds led strip lighting

3014 LED Strip 120leds/m

3014 120leds strip lighting side view

3014 LED Strip 120leds/m
Side View

3014 204leds strip lighting

3014 LED Strip 204leds/m

3014 240leds strip lighting

3014 LED Strip 240leds/m

3014 LED Strip Lighting Technical Parameters

Item No.SMDPCB WidthPower/mLEDs/mLumen/mVoltageAngle 

SMD3014 LED Strip Lighting Features

Ultra-Slim Design

The 3014 LED strip light is known for its ultra-slim design, making it highly flexible and suitable for installations where space is limited or a discreet lighting solution is desired.

High Density

The 3014 LED strip features a high LED density, with closely spaced LEDs along the strip. This results in a more uniform and continuous lighting effect, without visible gaps between the individual LEDs.

Wide Beam Angle

The 3014 LED strip typically has a wide beam angle, ensuring a broader spread of light and better illumination coverage. This makes it suitable for applications where even lighting distribution is desired, such as ambient lighting or display lighting.

Energy Efficiency

LED technology is known for its energy efficiency, and the 3014 LED strip is no exception. It consumes relatively low power while providing sufficient brightness, resulting in energy savings compared to traditional lighting options.

Long Lifespan

 The 3014 LED strip has a lifespan of around 50,000 hours or more, depending on usage and operating conditions. This longevity reduces the need for frequent replacements, resulting in cost savings and less maintenance.

Easy Installation

The 3014 LED strip typically comes with an adhesive backing, making installation quick and hassle-free. The adhesive allows for easy attachment to various surfaces, eliminating the need for complex mounting hardware. Additionally, the strip can be easily cut at designated cut points, enabling customization of length according to specific requirements.

LED Strip Lighting Connection Diagram

3528 led strips connection diagram

LED Strip Light Accessories

2 pin led strip connector waterproof

Waterproof LED Strip Connector

2pin single color led strip connector

2pin single color connector

rgb led strip connector 4p8mm 10mm

RGB LED Strip Connector

2pin led strips connector single color

2pin dual end connector

led strip connector waterproof.png

Waterproof LED Strip Connector

4pin male female connector

4pin male female connector

dc male to female connector

LED Strip male female DC Connector

led strip light mounting clips

LED Strip Mounting Clips

FAQ About 3014 LED Strip Lighting

What does "3014" refer to in a 3014 LED strip light?

“3014” refers to the LED package size used in the strip light. It indicates the dimensions of each LED chip in millimeters, with the numbers “30” representing the length (3.0mm) and “14” representing the width (1.4mm) of the LED chip.

What is the voltage requirement for a 3014 LED strip light?

The voltage requirement for a 3014 LED strip light is typically 12 or 24volts (VDC). However, it’s crucial to check the specifications provided by the manufacturer, as voltage requirements can vary depending on the specific product.

How many LEDs are there per meter in a 3014 LED strip light?

The number of LEDs per meter in a 3014 LED strip light can vary depending on the specific product and the desired level of brightness. Typically, there are around 60 to 240 LEDs per meter in a 3014 LED strip light.

Can I cut a 3014 LED strip light to a shorter length?

Yes, 3014 LED strip lights can usually be cut at designated cut points to shorten the length according to your needs. It’s important to follow our guidelines and instructions on where to cut the strip to ensure proper functionality.

What is the power consumption of a 3014 LED strip light?

The power consumption of a 3014 LED strip light depends on factors such as the length of the strip and the brightness level. On average, a 3014 LED strip light consumes approximately 4.8 to 9.6 watts per meter, but it’s essential to refer to the product specifications for accurate power consumption information.

Are 3014 LED strip lights compatible with smart home systems?

The compatibility of 3014 LED strip lights with smart home systems depends on the specific product and whether it is designed to integrate with smart lighting control systems. Some 3014 LED strip lights are compatible with popular smart home platforms and can be controlled through smartphone apps or voice commands when used with compatible smart home devices. It’s advisable to check the product specifications.

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