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This surface panel light has a smooth and slim design that fits perfectly into any space, offering a modern and elegant lighting option. With high lumen output, our surface panel light supplier delivering a high level of brightness to effectively light up any room. . Its innovative design ensures uniform lighting distribution, eliminating shadows and creating a pleasant and visually comfortable atmosphere. Installing our surface panel light is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-mount design. Whether you choose to mount it on the ceiling or wall, you can effortlessly install it with minimal effort. The package includes all the necessary hardware and instructions, making the setup process quick and seamless. 

Feel free to customize your surface panel light to meet specific needs.

surface led panel light

Different Types of Surface Panel Light

Round Surface Panel Light

ModelSize(mm)Hole Size(mm)LEDs QTY(PCS)Power(W)Lumen

Square Surface Panel Light

ModelSize(mm)Hole Size(mm)LEDs QTY(PCS)Power(W)Lumen


Surface Panel Light Features

surface panel light low profile

Low Profile

The sleek design of the lamp allows it to fit seamlessly into any space, making it a perfect choice for ceilings of all types. Its slim profile makes it an ideal option even for lower floors.

surface panel light no need open holes

No Need to Open Holes

The surface panel light does not require holes to be opened, making installation quick and easy. This saves time, reduces installation costs, and minimizes damage to the ceiling or wall.

surface panel light lamp shade

High Transmission Cover

The acrylic lampshade offers exceptional light transmittance, providing soft and uniform lighting with no glare, while also ensuring good color rendering.

2835 leds

High Lumen 2835 LEDs

The high lumen 2835 leds are evenly distributed around, and the light is more uniform through the reflection of the light guide plate

surface panel light heat dissipation

Strong Heat Dissipation

Die-casting aluminum shell that ensures effective heat dissipation and ensure long life span.Its modern design gives it a simple and fashionable look.

surface panel light components

Full Components

The surface panel light consists of full components: a heat dissipation plate, reflective paper, a light guide plate, a diffuser plate, and 2835 lamp beads.

Customize All Your Components

led chip brand

We Offer Variety of LED Chip Brands for You To Choose

SAN AN ChipCopper Led chip24-26LM/LED2-3 years
Epistar ChipCopper Led chip24-26LM/LED2-3 years
Mulinsen Chiplron Led chip22LM/LED1 year
Other BrandContact for details

Different Types of Light Guide Plate

different light guide plate

PMMA Light Guide Plate Luminousness >92%

PS Light Guide Plate Luminousness >80%

Glass Light Guide Plate Luminousness >70%

Different Diffuser Plate

diffuser plate

Different Shells

custom panel light

Different Drivers for Option


Ready to Custom Your Panel Light?

Three color temperatures are free for option

Different color temperatures make people feel different and create different atmospheres.

surface panel lighting led

Cool White (6000-6500K)

Bright and refreshing

Neutral White (4000-4500K)

Natural and comfort

Warm White (2700-3500K)

Warm and romantic

led panel light different colors

Different Applications

recessed panel light for corridor


12W best for 8-15 square meter

recessed panel light for living room

Living Room

15W best to 10-18 square meter

recessed panel light for shopping mall

Shopping Mall

24W best for 20-45 square meter

Installation Notes

surface panel light installation

Recessed Panel Light vs. Surface Panel Light

Recessed Panel Light and Surface Panel Light are two popular types of LED lighting fixtures with distinct characteristics and installation methods. Here are the key differences between the two:

   1)  Installation Method: The main difference is in how these lights are installed. 

    • Recessed Panel Light: Recessed panel lights are installed by creating a cavity or recessed space in the ceiling or wall where the light fixture is inserted. The light fixture is then mounted inside the cavity, resulting in a flush, seamless appearance. Only the light panel itself is visible, while the rest of the fixture remains hidden within the ceiling or wall.
    • Surface Panel Light: Surface panel lights are mounted directly onto the ceiling or wall surface, without the need for creating a recessed cavity. The entire light fixture is visible, including the frame or housing that holds the panel. It is called surface-mounted.

  2)  Aesthetic Appeal: Recessed and surface panel lights offer different aesthetics and visual effects.

    • Recessed Panel Light: Recessed panel lights give a simple and modern look. They are installed into the ceiling or wall, creating a smooth and seamless appearance that blends with the surrounding architecture. This design choice can make a space feel more contemporary and elegant.
    • Surface Panel Light: Surface panel lights are more visible and noticeable. They can give a modern look to a room, and their design can be seen as more attractive and decorative. Surface-mounted fixtures can be used as a design feature, enhancing the overall style of the space.

  3) Lighting Distribution: While both kinds of panel lights give even lighting, the way the light is spread might be a little different.

    • Recessed Panel Light: Recessed panel lights often have a wider distribution angle, allowing the light to spread evenly over a larger area. This can be advantageous in providing overall illumination in a room.
    • Surface Panel Light: Surface panel lights typically have a more focused light distribution, directing the light downwards and creating a more concentrated illumination. This can be beneficial for task lighting or highlighting specific areas or objects.

  4) Installation Flexibility: The decision of using recessed or surface panel lights can also depend on the installation needs and limitations of a specific area.

    • Recessed Panel Light: Recessed lights require a suitable cavity within the ceiling or wall, which may not always be possible due to structural limitations or existing infrastructure. They are commonly installed during the construction or renovation phase of a building.
    • Surface Panel Light: Surface-mounted lights are easy to install and can be added to existing spaces without the need for major changes. This makes them a convenient choice for retrofitting or adding lighting to finished rooms.

In conclusion, the decision between recessed and surface panel lights depends on factors such as desired aesthetics, installation feasibility, and lighting requirements. Each type offers unique advantages and can create a distinct visual impact.

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