spike Landscape Light

Our spike landscape lights offer convenient and versatile outdoor lighting solutions that can be directly plugged into an electrical outlet. With different styles and sizes, they can illuminate your walkways, driveways, patios, and other outdoor areas. These lights have a voltage range of 85-265V and a power range of 3W to 50W. With easy installation, multiple voltage options, and customizable control modes, you can easily find a landscape lighting solution that meets your specific needs. 

spike landscape light

Featured Spike Landscape Light Fixture

plug-in landscape light

26 Series COB Spike Landscape Light

This COB spike landscape light is equipped with a tempered glass lens that is sealed with a high-grade weatherproof silicone gasket, making it safe for use in wet locations. The light comes pre-wired with a 30cm cord, a steady fixing screw, and includes a spike for easy installation. The painted aluminum alloy shell prevents rust. Additionally, the light features a high-lumen cob chip with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and can rotate up to 270 degrees for optimal highlighting and accenting. It is perfect for any outdoor landscape lighting system.

23 Square Bollard Landscape Light

This is an adjustable landscape light with a painted aluminum body and clear safety glass. It features high-quality LED chips with super output performance and good heat dissipation. It is designed with an IP65 rating to protect against rain and lightning. This landscape light is also environmental friendly with energy-saving capabilities. Multiple colors are available for different applications.

23 square bollard landscape light
35 series spike landscape lighting

35 Series Spike Landscape Lighting

35 series spike landscape light is designed to withstand different weather conditions. Its excellent material comprises a durable and rust-resistant die-cast aluminum lamp body that ensures long-term use. The light source is equipped with high-powered LEDs that offer energy-saving capabilities and a high color rendering index. This spike landscape light comes in a variety of colors, including RGB, white, cold white, warm white, purple, yellow, and more, to suit various outdoor settings. With its advanced features and robust construction, this spike landscape light is an ideal lighting solution for any outdoor setting that requires a reliable and durable lighting option.

42 Series Spkie Landscape Light

The 42 series spike landscape light uses high power LEDs, which are energy-saving and have high color rendering. They produce bright and vivid light that enhances the beauty of your landscape. You can choose from a variety of colors to suit your mood and preference, and mix different colors to create stunning effects. The spike lights also have an adjustable beam angle that allows you to customize the direction and spread of the light. It is a smart and convenient choice for your outdoor space. 

42 series spkie landscape light

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