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LED High Bay Lights are lighting fixtures specifically designed for use in commercial and industrial spaces that have higher ceilings. As one of the high bay light suppliers, CST offers a variety of LED high bays to meet the needs of your facility. With optional motion sensors and dimmable functions, which can help you save energy and increase productivity, our high bay light fixtures have more advantages than traditional industry lamps: they save energy, have low carbon emissions, have a long lifespan, are easy to install, and can easily replace your existing incandescent, fluorescent, or metal halide HID lamp fixtures. Contact CST Lighting to learn more!


Featured LED High Bay Types for you

QH Series UFO LED High Bay Light

QH series high bay lights adopt ADC12 die-casting aluminum alloy heatsink with thermal convection design, IP65 water-proofing, stainless steel screws, safety, and high efficiency. They are widely used in workshops, factories, warehouses, toll booths, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, etc.

09S Series Smart UFO LED High bay

09S series high bay light fixtures are designed to be energy-efficient, with a smart design that includes motion sensor and dimmable functions to distribute thermal properties evenly. These round high bay fixtures provide powerful and widespread illumination.

FH Series LED Highbay Light

FH series high bay led  light is an upgrade high quality product, this product is durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
It is made of die-cast aluminum material with a strong convection heat dissipation design to increase air contact surface and improve heat dissipation performance.

AH Series LED High Bay Light

The AH series high bay light fixtures feature an aluminum profile design with multiple installation options, including E27, E40, hang chain, ceiling, and hung pole. This super-bright LED light bulb with an aluminum reflector provides high output, making it an ideal choice for basements, closets, and garages. Made of high-quality, thickened aluminum material, the AH series high bay has a beautiful and elegant design that has undergone multiple processes. The LED chip provides high brightness, while the high-quality aluminum alloy shell ensures good light transmission and uniform, soft light.

NH Series High Bay Lamp

NH series highbay fixture is an outstanding LED luminaire that is highly efficient and reliable. It has been designed to replace metal halide lamp 250W/400W luminaires, providing customers with all the benefits of LED lighting, including reduced energy consumption, longer service life, and less maintenance. Moreover, with the use of high-quality optical plates, this high bay luminaire provides excellent light quality, significantly improving the comfort of your environment.

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