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We can ship the goods all over the world . but we recommend you use a business address if you are a personal buyer. please note we are unable to deliver to post office box . we are not responsible for the undelivered address .

Normally our shipping have 3 methods :

 Door to door shipping 

LED lamps shipping

For this method , the goods can be delivered to your home or office directly . the common courier are FEDEX , UPS , DHL and TNT . The shipping time and cost depends on different country .


Normally takes 7-10 working days ( not include weekend ) . it provides much competitive price for South America and European . but it takes much longer time and customs clearance is little difficult for some regions .


Normally takes 2-5 working days . it can deliver to US with 48 hours . it famous with fast shipping , good service , but the cost is much higher and have extreme strictly limited with the packing .


Normally takes 3-5 working days . only need 3 days to West Europe country . 2 days to Asian . it have much discount for goods weight over 21kgs . but cost is also little higher .


Takes about 3-6 working days . South America and EU have more discount . but have limited for the volume of packing .

Cost Calculation :

All above mentioned shipping courier (FEDEX , UPS , DHL and TNT) calculate cost by actual weight and volume weight ( L x W x H / 5000 ). we suggest you use above method for goods weight lower 200 kgs .

for volume weight explanation , please refer to

Airport to Airport shipping 

For this method , the goods only delivered to your nearest airport . you need to make customs clearance and take goods from airport to your warehouse . its cost is lower than door to door shipping , but you need to tell us your airport name . it is not worth to use this method once the packing weight is less than 100 kgs .

Cost Calculation :

Shipping by air to airport , calculate cost by actual weight and volume weight ( L x W x H / 6000 ). we recommend you use this way for packing weight more than 200 kgs .

Sea shipping

led lamps seaship

The goods shipped by sea with container . it will deliver the goods to the seaport with low cost , but it takes much longer time . we suggest you use this method if the goods with big volume .The shipping charge depends on your order quantity and your country.

It’s important to understand the different shipping methods available to you and to choose the one that best fits your needs. At our company, we strive to provide reliable and cost-effective shipping options to ensure your goods arrive safely and on time.

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