Case Study: Custom LED Linear Lights For Albania National Arena Stadium

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In this case study, we will explore the lighting project conducted at the Albania National Arena Stadium. Our company was responsible for providing a range of lighting solutions to improve the brightness and appearance of the stadium. The products we provided for this project included customized 20W dimmable LED downlights, LED linear lights with different power and length, and LED neon lamps of various sizes. This complete lighting solution aimed to create an engaging and visually attractive experience for both athletes and spectators.




The Albania National Arena Stadium is a popular place for sports and music events. The stadium wanted the lighting system to make it easier to see, save energy, and create a better atmosphere. Our team was responsible for providing the right lights to meet these needs.

The Albania National Arena Stadium is a well-known sports venue in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. It is the largest stadium in the country and serves as the home ground for the Albanian national football team. The stadium opened in 2019 and is used for football matches, international sports events, and concerts.

When building a stadium, it is important to improve the lighting for better visibility for both players and spectators. Our company provided suitable lighting fixtures and solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the stadium.

Custom LED Linear Lights


LED Lighting Products We Provided


Customized 20W Dimmable LED Downlight


To make sure the stadium had the right lighting in different areas, we used special 20W dimmable LED downlights. These lights were made just for the stadium and took into account things like how high the ceiling was, the angle of the light, and the color of the light. Being able to dim the lights meant we could change how bright they were for different events or when we needed different lighting. Using LED lights also helped save energy, last a long time, and cost less to maintain.


Custom LED Linear Lights with Different Power and Length


To make sure the stadium’s corridors, walkways, and seating areas are evenly and consistently lit up, our team used LED linear lights with different power and length choices. These linear lights were strategically installed to provide even lighting distribution, minimizing shadows and dark spots. The wide range of products we offer allowed us to serve various areas within the stadium, making sure that the whole place is well-lit and looks put together.


LED Neon Lamp with Various Sizes


To make the outside of the stadium and signs more colorful and exciting, we used different sizes of LED neon lights. These neon lamps provided a visually impressive lighting option, creating vibrant colors and attention-grabbing effects. The flexibility of LED neon technology allowed us to create customized designs and patterns, enhancing the stadium’s overall visual appeal and creating a memorable experience for visitors.


Implementation and Outcomes


Throughout the implementation phase, our team worked closely with stadium management, architects, electrical contractors, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure a successful and smooth integration of the lighting fixtures. By collaborating with these key players, we were able to gather valuable insights and expertise that helped us optimize the design and functionality of the fixtures, taking into consideration the specific needs and requirements of the stadium. Additionally, our team conducted thorough testing and quality assurance measures to guarantee that the lighting fixtures not only met the highest industry standards but also exceeded the expectations of all parties involved. This comprehensive approach allowed us to deliver a lighting solution that not only enhanced the aesthetics of the stadium but also provided efficient and sustainable lighting options for various events and activities.


The lighting project produced several positive results


1. Improved Visibility: The specially designed LED downlights offered exceptional lighting, guaranteeing clear visibility for both players and spectators. The accurate beam angles and suitable color temperatures enhanced visibility during matches, allowing athletes to showcase their best performance.Custom LED Linear Lights

2. Energy Efficiency: Through the use of LED technology, the lighting project achieved notable energy savings in comparison to traditional lighting sources. The LED fixtures’ low power consumption, along with their long lifespan, resulted in reduced energy costs and maintenance needs for the stadium.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: The LED linear lights and neon lamps enhanced the stadium’s overall ambiance with a touch of elegance and vibrancy. The customizable features of the LED neon lamps enabled eye-catching lighting effects that perfectly complemented the stadium’s architectural design, providing visitors with a visually captivating experience.


Client Satisfaction


The management of Albania National Arena Stadium is extremely pleased with the lighting project. They praised our team for being professional, knowledgeable, and capable of providing customized lighting solutions that met their specific needs. The enhanced visibility, energy efficiency, and aesthetic improvements have received positive feedback from athletes, spectators, and stakeholders.




The lighting project at Albania National Arena Stadium demonstrated the successful use of personalized lighting solutions. By installing customized 20W dimmable LED downlights, LED linear lights, and LED neon lamps, the stadium’s lighting system was improved. This led to better visibility, energy efficiency, and an attractive atmosphere. This project shows our dedication to providing creative and customized lighting solutions for big venues, creating memorable experiences for athletes and spectators.

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